No matter where you are… you’re never too far from home.

  • Control you HVAC system from anywere

    Remotely monitor you HVAC system, but control it as well. Never come home to an uncomfortable house again.

  • View and control lighting and appliances remotely

    With a simple touch, turn on, off or dim your lighting and appliances from your phone or internet connected devices.

  • Schedule events to run automatically

    With schedules, let your system take care of everything. With a press of a single button, arm your system, adjust your thermostat and turn off your lights or appliances. No more running around the house.

  • The more you use it, the more you save

    Did you know your HVAC system can account for almost half of your energy bill? Let your Fluent System automatically adjust your HVAC for when you’re away. It’s almost too easy to save!